Legong Sri Sedana

Legong Sri Sedana Dance      

Legong Sri Sedana, choreographed by GuruhSoekarno Putra, is a new Legong creation in the Peliatan style. This Legong dance was first performed in August 2007 for a special event ‘Mengenang Sang Guru’ – A Tribute to AnakAgungGedeMandera and Gusti Made Sengog – to honor them for their contribution to the development and conservation of the traditional dance and music of Peliatan. Legong Sri Sedana is performed by three principal dancers, consisting of two Legong dancers who play the respective roles of Betari Sri (Goddess of agriculture, beauty and fertility) and BetaraSedana (God of prosperity and good fortune), and a third dancer who plays the role of Condong (attendant). The Legong dancers are accompanied by nine additional dancers carrying offerings, who act as BiduandaKerajaan (palace attendants)bearers of the royal insignia.

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