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Sekaa Gong Tirta Sari was founded in 1978 by A. A. Gd Mandera at Puri Kaleran, Peliatan, in order to preserve the classical dance and music of Peliatan, especially the music used for accompanying the Pelegongan Dances, as well as to enrich and develop the existing music. I. Made Lebah, a well-known music teacher from Peliatan, along with several other musicians, was called to Puri Kaleran to prepare the first performance, which was entitled Barong Bebekah. Subsequently, Tirta Sari continued to refine its music and later performed for various events.

In the year 1982, Guruh Soekarno Putra invited the group to collaborate with his contemporary music and dance group Swara Marhardika for the opening ceremony of the Jakarta Fair. Since then, Tirta Sari has graced many state level official performances, religious ceremonies, and social events.

Today, under the leadership of A. A. Gd Oka Dalem, the Semara Pegulingan group Tirta Sari is actively performing and presents high quality tourist performances on a regular basis, as well as performing for religious ceremonies, social and commercial functions.

Performing Members
In 2004, the group has 58 active members, which consisted of:

  • 37 musicians
  • 21 dancers

Pelegongan – Legong dances and music
The Semara Pegulingan gamelan orchestra is generally considered to be the most appropriate musical accompaniment for the Pelegongan dances, and thus Tirta Sari has played a vital role in the effort to preserve and develop the classical dances and music of Peliatan, in particular the Pelegongan dances. Some of the Legong dances performed by the group include:

  • Legong Lasem (complete version)
  • Legong Jobog
  • Legong Kuntir
  • Legong Semaradana
  • Legong Kuntul
  • Legong Pelayon
  • Legong Untung Surapati (a new creation)


1978Tirta Sari was founded by A. A. Gd Mandera
1982Cooperated with Guruh Soekarno Putra in a performance for the Opening Ceremony of the Jakarta Fair
1983Performed in Japan for Japan Expo
1988Performed in various cities in Japan, including Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima
1989Gifu, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Isigaki, Okinawa in these years.
1990Performed in various cities in the United States including: Washington DC, New Mexico, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles
1999Performed in various cities in the US including: Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Alaska
1994Performed in Moscow
2002Performed at the 6th Nusa Dua Festival
2004Performed classical Pelegongan dances for the 26th Balinese Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenian Bali XXVI)
Performed at the 8th Nusa Dua Festival

Regular Performances
Day: Every Friday
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Balerung Mandera Srinertya Waditra

The program for Friday night performances is selected from the following:

  • Instrumental: Sekar Gendot
  • Puspa Mekar (Welcome dance)
  • Lambang Sari (Welcome dance)
  • Baris (solo warrior dance)
  • Kebyar Duduk
  • Legong Lasem
  • Legong Jobog
  • Legong Kuntir
  • Teruna Jaya
  • Oleg Tambulilimgan
  • Barong Dance (Barong Taru Pramana)

Slight changes are sometimes made to the program depending on the availability of dancers.

Other Regular Performances
Every Saturday evening dinner & dance performance at The Oberoi Hotel, Seminyak. The Tirta Sari group of Balerung has been performing at this prestigious hotel for the last 25 years.

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Our regular performances, starting from 7.30PM every Friday.
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