Legong Lanang Nandira Indra Maya

According to the ancient lontar manuscript PuranaBalidwipa and an inscription at TirtaEmpul , there was once a king of Bali called Mayadenawa, who  was the son of Prabu Jaya Pangus and Dewi Danu. Although the manuscript does not reveal the centre of Mayadenawa’s kingdom, some sources suggest that it was located in the region of Balingkang. King Mayadenawa was the second king of Balingkang, taking over the position from his father Prabu Jaya Pangus.

Mayadenawa had been given supernatural powers by his mother Dewi Danu, which made him invulnerable to attack from human beings, monsters, or even gods. However, over time the possession of these supernatural powers madeMayadenawa become increasingly arrogant, acting as if he was a powerful god, to whom everyone should pay homage. In fact, he even went so far as to prohibit the local people from carrying out their religious activities in any of the holy shrines and temples in Bali.

Eventually SangkulPutih and Arya Wang Bang ManikAngkeranwent to the temple of Besakih to meditate andrequest the assistance of the gods. As a result, Dewa Indra was delegated to descend from the abode of the gods to deal with Mayadenawa’s crimes. In relation to this Dewa Indra created TirtaEmpul temple to cleanse the kingdom of ten impurities or evils, referred to as Dasa Mala.

Eventually, Dewa Indra succeeded in killing Mayadenawa, shooting him with an arrow in a field near Banjar Saraseda. The wound bled profusely, creating a river of blood known as Sungai Petanu, which means the river that still speaks (petameans ‘voice’ and nu means ‘still’). Before he died, Mayadenawa put a curse on the water in the Petanuriver stipulating that it could not be used for irrigation for a period of 1000 years. If anyone disobeyed, blood would spurt out of the rice stalkswhen the rice fields were harvested.

Today the death of Mayadenawa is still commemorated in the Hindu Festival of Galungan, which celebrates the victory of good over evil.

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