Legong Lanang Nandira Jaya Pangus

The Success and Destruction of the Kingdom of Jaya Pangus/ The Rise and Fall of the Kingdom of Jaya Pangus.

Jaya Pangus ruled from 1103 to 1191 on the Saka calendar or 1181- 1269 (international calendar). Jaya Pangus had two wives, namely Paduka Bhatari Sri Parameswari (Dewi Danu) and Paduka Sri Mahadewi Cacangkaja Cihna (Kang Ci Wi).  From his marriage with Dewi Danu , Jaya Pangus had a son called Mayadenawa, who later became the ruler of Bedhulu kingdom.

This performance of Legong Lanang Jaya Pangus is performed by male dancers. The performance of Legong by male dancers, which is generally known as Legong Nandir (originally referred to as Legong Nar Nir), is extremely rare today.

Legong Lanang Jaya Pangus has been divided into a number of scenes namely: pepeson, pengawak, pengecet, pengipuk, pesiat, pekaad.  Like other Legong dances, Legong Lanang Jaya Pangus begins by introducing the main characters who perform an abstract and decorative kind of dance before beginning to act out the story. The transition to the story (pengrangrang) usually takes place after the pengecet.

The characters featured in Legong Jaya Pangus are:

a Condong who plays the role of a servant

A Legong dancer who plays the role of Jaya Pangus

A Legong dancer who plays the role of Kang Ci Wi

A Legong dancer who plays the role of Dewi Danu

Mayadenawa, which is performed by the Condong dancer

This performance focuses on the story of Dewi Danu’s anger when she discovers that Jaya Pangus already has a wife called Kang Ci Wi, whereas previously he had told her he was still single.  Dewi Danu is extremely angry when she finds out that Jaya Pangus is already married, and complains bitterly to her father.  As a result, her father puts a curse on Jaya Pangus and Kang Ci Wi, which causes them to turn into statues, represented today by Barong Landung (gigantic puppet figures – one male and one female).

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